Monday, June 27, 2011

Rehoboth Beach

Last Saturday we took our first family trip to the beaches of the east coast.  Last summer we went to the beach a few times on the gulf, but this was a lot different!  The beaches were packed with people and the water was really cold!  The sand was still just as fun for Kerriann to play in though.  She was a little apprehensive about the whole situation at first, but after Kevin showed her how to make a sand castle she was loving it!  

After an hour or so she even wanted to start playing in the water.  Even though you can't see Kevin in some of this pictures, he was right beside her.

Kerriann experienced her first wipe out.  Kevin had his back to the waves and didn't realize that there was a big one coming until it was too late (you can see his hand so you know he's right there!).  She was completely swept under, but he got her out very quickly.  This was the last picture I took during our trip because I decided we needed to have two people watching her in the waves for safety purposes!  

All three of us had a great day and we can't wait to go back to the beach.  Kerriann actually keeps asking to go back and build sandcastles!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father's Day 2011

I know I'm a week late, but Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers out there, especially my wonderful husband, Kevin, my own father, and Kevin's father Tom.  I am so lucky to have all three of these men in my life and I am thankful for them everyday, not just on Father's Day!  

The above photos were from an attempt to make a cute photo related gift for Kevin from Kerriann.  She didn't cooperate as well as I had hoped (she spent more time throwing the letters into the bushes than she did posing), but in the end we had a few shots that were decent enough to make into a card that she framed and gave to him on Sunday morning.  We weren't able to pamper Kevin all day on Sunday because we had to take him to the airport to leave for training in Alabama, but we had a lot of fun together Thursday and Friday evenings and all day Saturday.  

On Thursday night we went for a walk at the water front around Tyding's Park in Havre de Grace.  

On Friday night we took a walk to the Bulle Rock playground and spent some time playing there until bedtime.

And Saturday we spent the day at Rehoboth Beach, DE.  I'll post more from that soon!

I was looking through my iPhoto library and my former blog to try to find a few pictures from Father's Day last year so we could compare, and I was so sad to find that I didn't have any!  I'm not sure what happened there.  I will have to ask Kevin if he remembers what we did to celebrate last year!  I did find a few really cute shots of Kevin and Kerriann from 8 days before Father's Day, so I'll share those now so we can compare how they've changed over the past year!

How cute was (is) she?!?!

Happy Father's Day, Kevin!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shutter Love Tuesday: Father's Day

I'll be back with many more Father's Day related photos to share, but for now I wanted to enter this one into a photo challenge at the Trendy Treehouse

This is Kerriann and Kevin playing at the playground last week.  Even though we weren't really able to do anything too exciting on Father's Day, we were able to spend some quality time on Friday night and Saturday.

Monday, June 20, 2011


As we were leaving Wheeling after our visit with Grammy, Kevin begged me to stop at the Cabela's store so we could show Kerriann the animals.  I finally agreed, because I figured it would be good to get her a little more exercise before our long drive home.

Kerriann was a little freaked out by the giant bears, and threw poor Minnie Mouse over the display railing as a sacrifice in an attempt to save herself.

Luckily, I was able to retrieve Minnie before she sustained any injuries, and we all moved onto some safer animals.

At this point my camera died, but we seriously saw every type of fake stuffed animal you can imagine.  I wasn't expecting an entire zoo of dead animals!  It was actually really impressive, once you got past the gross factor.

I'm not sure if we'll be visiting Cabela's again anytime soon, unless Kevin promises to buy me some more of their delicious marshmallow and peanut butter fudge which I highly recommend if you're ever in the area. ;)

Visit with Grammy

Last weekend while we were in WV we were finally able to visit Kevin's Grammy and see her in place in Wheeling.  We have missed her so much these past months and it was so great to stay the night and visit with her.  Kerriann loved spending time with her Great-Grammy and I know she'll be excited to go back and see her again soon.  I'm hoping it won't be nearly as long before our next visit.  

In the morning before we left Grammy made us the most delicious breakfast of apple pancakes.  They were even a hit with Kerriann!  I am definitely planning to get the recipe from her so I can make them again soon!  

Thanks again for having us, Grammy!  We love you!

Cookout at the Farm

Since Mary's wedding was only about an hour away from where my parent's live, we were able to stay with them last weekend.  On Sunday my Aunt Sherrie and Uncle John came down to join us for a cookout at my dad's farm.  My mom also joined us for the occasion which was great!

My aunt and uncle brought their dog Harvey along for the trip and Kerriann had a great time with him.  At first she was pretty apprehensive to be around him, but he's not much of a barker so she quickly warmed up to him.  Every time he was out of sight she would say "Where'd Harvey go?"

The cutest part of the day was as I was trying to take pictures of Harvey, my aunt kept saying "Harvey put your ears up," so as I told Kerriann to smile for a picture she grabbed her ears and said "put your ears up."  It was hilarious!  She provides such great entertainment for us!

On Friday night we stopped in Morgantown to stay with Christiane to break up the drive, so she came down to my parents for the weekend as well.  It was great to see her and spend some time with her as well!

Over the past few months my dad has slowly acquired a new pet.  This little kitty started coming around a few months ago and he noticed that it was very friendly.  He recently started to feed it and apparently it had kittens in his barn loft so he's decided to keep it around.  The poor thing is so skinny right now, but I know that he will do a good job nursing it back to health.  She has such a pretty face and beautiful eyes.  I can't wait to see how much better she looks next time I'm in town.

Being at home was so great as usual, especially because we were able to have Kevin there too!  Can't wait for the next time!

Mary's Wedding

Last Saturday we attended Mary's wedding in Fayetteville, WV.  Mary is in my sorority "family" in Chi Omega and we have always been pretty close!  Of course over the past couple of years it has been harder, but anytime we get together I feel like things go back to the way they were when we were both living in Morgantown together.  It was so great for our entire "family" to be reunited.  It has been forever since we were all in the same place at the same time.

The wedding was held at The Confluence Resort which was a beautiful outdoor location.  The whole wedding was exactly what I would have pictured for Mary and Robin.  The ceremony took place at this overlook.  We were all worried that it might rain, and it actually did sprinkle for a couple of minutes as we were waiting for the wedding party to enter, but it cleared just in time and the weather the rest of the evening was absolutely gorgeous.  Honestly, it was the perfect night to be outside and I'm so happy that it worked out like that for Mary and Robin's special day.

Mary looked so beautiful and stayed so true to her personal style, which I thought was so nice.  She didn't look like the typical bride, she was a more beautiful version of herself.  I loved her dress, hair and flowers.  She did such a great job planning.

This group of beautiful ladies are my Chi Omega sisters who were able to make it to the wedding... we all had a great time reuniting and I'm so glad we were all able to catch up and have fun just like old times!

A long overdue picture of our family, Mary, Emily, Erica and me.

I loved Mary's garter!  WVU colors!

The bridesmaids as well as Mary's sister gave speeches at the reception.  Mary's sisters speech brought most of us to tears!  She mentioned how she used to get jealous of Mary's relationship with her sorority "sisters," until she realized that we were all there for her when she wasn't able to be.  It's hard for me to paraphrase what she said, but it was such a sweet speech.  I'm so glad that I was there to hear it because it really reminded me of the reason why I joined a sorority in the first place, to have a family away from home.

Kevin and I are so happy that we were able to help you celebrate your wedding day Mary and Robin!  Congratulations again!  We wish you many years of happiness!