Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sherrie and John's New House

As many of our family members know, my Aunt Sherrie and Uncle John have been moving into their new house this past week. They lived in their former house forever (well, my entire lifetime) and we all have so many wonderful memories there.

We were all surprised initially to hear that they would be moving, but after seeing their new place, I agree with them that it was the best choice. Their new place is just as amazing if not more so, and I am already looking forward to all of the family gatherings we will be attending there in the future.

This morning Kerriann, Christiane and I made the trip to Buckhannon to see if we could help with the move, and to check out the new place. Kerriann amused herself by looking out the window and of course getting in everyone's way at the old house.

When there was nothing else we could do to help, we headed over to check out the new place.

I won't spoil the grand reveal of the house by showing the photos I took, but they have a huge and gorgeously landscaped yard, and an open floor plan with plenty of windows. This afternoon we all took advantage of the view and watched the snow fall as we ate cookout food (which was delicious, despite the weather).

It was so great to spend the afternoon with family, and to see the new house for the first time. We are really looking forward to making many more memories at your new place, John and Sherrie!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

January in iPhone Photos

1. Rainy drive to Poolesville
2. Kerriann on the move
3. Kerriann reading with Aunt Patty
4. Kerriann and Mommy
5. Being silly
6. All dressed up for pictures
7. Shopping at IKEA
8. D is for Diva
9. Pizza!

Valentine's Day 2012

Kerriann woke up on Valentine's Day to a pile of sweet gifts from a few special family members.

First she opened gifts from her grandparents. A Dora jewelry set from Grandma and a cute red dress from Grammy and Papa (which you'll see in pictures in the future!).

Next up was the package from Aunt Julie and family... markers and chocolate, two of her favorite items!

And finally... presents from mommy. A box of princess chocolates and a new pair of "sparkly shoes" since her black ones are getting tight. I knew we would need replacements before too long!

Kerriann and I both got cards in the mail from Kevin. It is always such a treat when we get mail from him and it made my day! He's also treating me to a day at the spa... if I can just find a few free hours to go. Even though he is so far away, he knew exactly how to spoil me this year. I was worried that Valentine's Day might be depressing for me, but the little things he did meant so much to me that I still had a great day. Hope everyone else's Valentine's Day was filled with just as much love as ours was!

On the Eve of Valentine's Day

The day before Valentine's Day I picked Kerriann up from school and took her to pick out Valentines to give out to her classmates for the first time. 

We went to Target (where I was extremely disappointed with the selection) and she picked out Disney princess cards. 

She was so excited to open the box and start addressing them when we got home. Her teachers sent home a list of names, so I wrote them out and then she signed her name in purple.

I put some Valentine's Day themed cookies in the oven to bake as we worked, just for good measure.

I had so much fun making cards with Kerriann for the first time. Next year I'm hoping to get more creative and help her do something homemade for her friends and teachers.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day (And KA's pro photos)

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our family and friends, near and far!

I have many pictures to share, but unfortunately I forgot my memory card in the computer lab on campus, oops! Luckily one of my friends had a night class and was able to grab it for me, but my Valentine's Day photos will have to wait.

For now, check out Kerriann's Valentine's Day Mini Shoot with Tyler Plank Photography by clicking HERE. This was our second session with Tyler and we love how our photos turned out. She is so great with toddlers and really captured Kerriann's personality.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pink Day

Today was a really great day, because not only did I see one of my best friends, but I got some really exciting news which I'll share soon.

My friend Molly made a last minute trip into town this weekend and we met up with her at the WVU gymnastics meet. We don't get to see her often because she lives in NYC, so we wanted to take advantage of being in the same city for the first time in ages! It just happened to be pink day at the meet (in support of breast cancer), which was perfect for Kerriann.

She was so excited to put on her pink "party dress" and then proceeded to pick out her "ballet shoes," a pink bow and some rhinestone bracelets to complete the outfit.

Apparently she was thrilled to get out of the house after being trapped there all day with me the day before, because she also got out her purse and a pair of sunglasses and started gathering items to take along.

I told her to slow down at that point, because we still had a few minutes before the meet started, so she spent a little time playing with "Mick" and Minnie in baby Jesus' manger.

The following photos are stolen from Molly's Facebook page... hope you don't mind! ;)

We had a great time catching up with "Aunt Molly!" 

Kerriann loved watching the gymnasts perform and dancing along with the music. She was so worn out that she actually napped when we got home (allowing me to write a paper due tomorrow, yay!). 

It was so great catching up with Molly, and hopefully we will see her again soon!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Day at Home

Kerriann and I spent the entire day at home. It snowed last night and all day today, so there wasn't really much we could go out and do. I didn't think to bring her snowsuit home from school yesterday and it was really too cold to go out and play without it. Besides, the wind was pretty brutal so it wouldn't have been much fun for either of us.

Instead we spent our day cleaning and watching TV in our pajamas. Though I was kind of mopey all day, I think it was exactly what we needed. A day free of homework to just snuggle. That doesn't happen very often. I probably should have been doing homework, but I really just needed a mental health day.

I had time to play with my camera for the first time in ages (other than assignments for school), so I took full advantage and got lots of cute shots of Kerriann throughout the day. I really need to make more of an effort to pick up my camera and take more for Kevin. I know he really enjoys seeing them.

I do send him a lot of iPhone pictures (which I'm also going to share soon) but I don't put much into those.

Seriously, could she be any cuter? I wish we had more days like today.

PS I think it's safe to say that she's POTTY TRAINED! She hasn't had an accident for the past couple of weeks and has even been waking up dry every morning. I'm so proud!

Congratulations, Monsignor Paul!

Last Saturday Kerriann, Christiane, my mom and I went to Wheeling to take part in Kevin's Uncle Paul's ceremony to become a Monsignor in the Catholic church. This is a very high honor and we were so happy that we were able to be there to witness the ceremony and to attend the reception afterwards.


The mass was held at the beautiful St. Joseph Cathedral in Wheeling.

After the mass, we all went next door for the reception where each of the three new Monsignors gave a toast.

Monsignor Paul toasted Bishop Bransfield.

Kerriann with her Great-Grammy Hudock. She did well during the mass but started to go downhill during the reception. Too many cookies and not enough sleep that day!

Kerriann and me together and with Bishop Bransfield.

Kevin's Aunt Patty and Uncle Denny were also there to celebrate. It was so great to see them!

Congratulations again, Monsigner Paul! So glad we could be there!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Day in the Life

Wake up, take Kerriann to school, homework, class, homework, pick Kerriann up, dinner, bedtime, more homework until my bedtime. This is what my life looks like every day lately, hence the lack of updates.

I'm really hoping to make some time to blog this weekend. At this point I know that I'm never going to be ahead on my school work, but I think if I get to the point where I am almost caught up I can do a little blogging without feeling guilty.

I hope everyone else is doing well!