Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pink Day

Today was a really great day, because not only did I see one of my best friends, but I got some really exciting news which I'll share soon.

My friend Molly made a last minute trip into town this weekend and we met up with her at the WVU gymnastics meet. We don't get to see her often because she lives in NYC, so we wanted to take advantage of being in the same city for the first time in ages! It just happened to be pink day at the meet (in support of breast cancer), which was perfect for Kerriann.

She was so excited to put on her pink "party dress" and then proceeded to pick out her "ballet shoes," a pink bow and some rhinestone bracelets to complete the outfit.

Apparently she was thrilled to get out of the house after being trapped there all day with me the day before, because she also got out her purse and a pair of sunglasses and started gathering items to take along.

I told her to slow down at that point, because we still had a few minutes before the meet started, so she spent a little time playing with "Mick" and Minnie in baby Jesus' manger.

The following photos are stolen from Molly's Facebook page... hope you don't mind! ;)

We had a great time catching up with "Aunt Molly!" 

Kerriann loved watching the gymnasts perform and dancing along with the music. She was so worn out that she actually napped when we got home (allowing me to write a paper due tomorrow, yay!). 

It was so great catching up with Molly, and hopefully we will see her again soon!

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