Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sherrie and John's New House

As many of our family members know, my Aunt Sherrie and Uncle John have been moving into their new house this past week. They lived in their former house forever (well, my entire lifetime) and we all have so many wonderful memories there.

We were all surprised initially to hear that they would be moving, but after seeing their new place, I agree with them that it was the best choice. Their new place is just as amazing if not more so, and I am already looking forward to all of the family gatherings we will be attending there in the future.

This morning Kerriann, Christiane and I made the trip to Buckhannon to see if we could help with the move, and to check out the new place. Kerriann amused herself by looking out the window and of course getting in everyone's way at the old house.

When there was nothing else we could do to help, we headed over to check out the new place.

I won't spoil the grand reveal of the house by showing the photos I took, but they have a huge and gorgeously landscaped yard, and an open floor plan with plenty of windows. This afternoon we all took advantage of the view and watched the snow fall as we ate cookout food (which was delicious, despite the weather).

It was so great to spend the afternoon with family, and to see the new house for the first time. We are really looking forward to making many more memories at your new place, John and Sherrie!

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