Monday, January 2, 2012

Kevin's R&R Homecoming: Surprising KA

When we found out that Kevin would definitely be coming home for Christmas, we decided to try to surprise Kerriann at school.  Originally he was supposed to get in sometime Thursday morning, which would mean perfect timing for me to drop her off for the morning, pick him up, and then get back to Morgantown before her school closed for the evening.  Of course, as Thursday went on plans kept changing.  We decided to have Christiane stay the night at our house in case I needed to go pick him up in Pittsburgh during the night.  In the end, he ended up arriving around 9am on Friday.  This worked out all because I was able to drop KA off at school as soon as it opened.  I barely made it through parking and security to Kevin's gate before he deplaned, but I got there just in time.  Maybe 1-2 minutes after I got there he walked off of the plane.  It was such a happy reunion after a long three months!

Since we had some extra time, we stopped at the outlets on the way home to finish up our Christmas shopping.  It was so fun to walk around, just the two of us, and browse the stores.  I'm glad we had a few hours to ourselves before picking Kerriann up from school.

When we were finished shopping, we ran home to eat lunch and then picked up Christiane and Alana for Kerriann's big surprise.  They wanted to help videotape and be there to see her reaction.

When we got to school, Christiane, Alana and I went into Kerriann's classroom and Kevin waited outside.  When the camera was all set up, Alana went outside to tell Kevin it was time to come in.

She was so excited to see her daddy!  As you'll notice in the video, she has taken to calling us Kevin and Adriane.  I'm sure this is just a phase, but we have been getting some curious looks out in public.

Kerriann's class made Kevin a banner and a welcome home card that had all of their hand prints in red and blue paint.  Kerriann also gave Kevin a red, white and blue airplane when he walked in as you'll see in the video.  She was so funny and kept waving it around and yelling "fly, fly!"

One more picture to share from this amazing day.  Kerriann's letter to Santa that was posted on the door of her classroom.

I don't think any of us could have asked for a more perfect first day home for Kevin.  It was so great to be reunited as a family again, and it was a great kick off for the rest of the two weeks that we would spend together.

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  1. Hi Adriane, we sent you a YouTube message but are trying you here as well, we would like to use your wonderful video in an upcoming project for "Military Appreciation Month" in May. Would you please contact us to discuss further? Thank you!