Monday, March 19, 2012

Mess Free Finger Paint

By Saturday evening I had started to develop severe cabin fever after being locked away in a dark room all week. I still wasn't feeling up to doing much, but Kerriann was starting to get antsy so I knew I had to do something.

We decided to take a little trip to Target for some new art supplies. Because when in doubt, go to Target and spend money, right? ;)

Crayloa has this great new finger paint that only shows up on "special" paper, which is perfect for moms like me who hate messes.

Kerriann still gets to feel like she's making a mess, while I have no disaster to clean up afterwards. So everyone wins!

It was great being able to kick back for a few minutes while she entertained herself with her new supplies! We will definitely be purchasing more of this stuff when we run out. Thanks to Kevin's friends who originally introduced us to this magical stuff as a gift for Kerriann's 2nd birthday.

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