Monday, March 19, 2012

Illness Strikes Again

Between going back to school and exposing myself to the germs of the entire WVU student body, and having Kerriann in preschool for the first time, I have had a rough winter as far as illnesses.

Last Tuesday I woke up feeling great and went for a run in the morning, my first day of the C25K program (which I'll explain more later). I made it through the afternoon with no headache which hadn't happened to me for a couple of weeks. I was feeling amazing and went right to sleep that night (also out of the norm for me lately), looking forward to another great day on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, God had other plans for me. I woke up at 5am feeling horribly nauseous and it only got worse. That night I was miserable with a fever of 103.

Today was day 6 and the first day that I've really felt good since. I was finally able to eat normally and begin to exercise again. I was lucky that the first night Christiane stayed with me to help get Kerriann fed and in bed, but after that I pretty much had to fend for myself. I didn't do much Wednesday-Saturday other than lay on the couch and try to do as much schoolwork as I could. I had to skip out on the 5K that I had signed up for which I was pretty bummed out about, too.

Get well soon flowers from Kevin. He's so thoughtful!
I am SO relieved to be feeling better this week. It is hard for me to sit on the couch, and it really got me down. Having Kevin gone is always hard, but my feelings are always amplified when I'm not feeling well. It's also hard to give Kerriann the attention she needs and deserves when I'm confined to the couch. Plus she woke up with a cold on Friday morning so she was extra needy. Luckily she never developed a fever, and now just has a slight runny nose and a lingering cough. I'm hoping by this weekend we'll both be 100% back to normal.

So now that we're past the illnesses, I'm hoping to have a productive week before spring break starts on Saturday! Who else is ready for a week off?!

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