Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time.  While I was a little nervous at first, I think I did a great job at rising to the challenge!  My Aunt Sherrie coached me and everyone brought something to contribute to the dinner.  This was the first year that one of the "kids" took over, so we will see if this is a new tradition or if the "parents" resume handling the Thanksgiving festivities next year.  

My famous apple spice cake... seriously... it's getting quite the reputation for being the only gluten-free thing people have tried and actually loved!

I also attempted (aka slaved over all afternoon) gluten free rolls.  They were not that amazing, but with a little honey cinnamon butter or gravy on top they were edible!

I know I say this far too often, but the only thing missing from Thanksgiving was Kevin.  He was so thoughtful to send this Edible Arrangement for all of us to enjoy.  We were lucky enough to be able to Skype with him right before dinner so everyone was able to say hello.

I'm so happy that my family was able to travel to be with us this year for Thanksgiving!  It really helped to keep me from dwelling on the fact that Kevin was gone, and I really had a great time visiting with everyone.

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